Ringing Cedars of Russia

Vladimir Megre

The ten books of the Ringing Cedars series were written by Vladimir Megre between 1995 and 2010, with the help of the Siberian hermit, Anastasia. They contain a simple, practical message for the development of our civilisation on Earth:

Give each family a hectare of land for free, with the right to inherit, who wishes to create their own Family Homestead. Produce derived from the family’s plot must not be subject to taxation.

A single hectare isn’t much on its own. But when millions of hectares are touched by the creative dreams of loving people, then the whole planet will bloom in its primordial beauty!

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“Resolve the land question at the legislative level and allocate to each Russian family that so desires one hectare of land apiece. Provide the opportunity free of charge for each of our state’s families who so wishes to establish their own homestead, ennoble it, and tend it with love. Then the greater homeland, too, will be beautiful and happy, since it will be made up of these small pieces.”

— Chapter 17, Volume V, “Who Are We?”