Anastasia (Volume I)


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Our genetic memory stores information about our ancestors, starting from the original creation—a time when people lived in paradise. But have we all forgotten?

The Siberian taiga recluse, Anastasia, preserved the ability to perceive this information. Plus, she can portray scenes from the life of our ancestors, showing their feelings and aspirations.

Can today’s people to return the primordial paradise? Anastasia says, YES !!!

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Written in 1995 by Novosibirsk businessman Vladimir Megre, the story traces his voyage as captain of a trading vessel on the Siberian river Ob. During a stop at a remote village, Megre meets an unusually beautiful and civilised young woman who promises to show him a rare and valuable tree—the Ringing Cedar.

What ensues is a series of next-level conversations which Megre later records in his distinctive down-to-earth vernacular. First published with an advance from a print shop and sold by the author himself in a Moscow metro station, the book has now been translated into 20 languages and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Covering the ultimate basics of a natural life, Anastasia gives practical advice about love, relationships, raising children, gardening, animals, and transitioning to a stable, prosperous global civilisation. Her ideas have been spectacularly taken up among everyday Russians, including politicians, professionals and university professors.

“Anastasia” is the beginner’s guide to retrieving our soul’s purpose, and the book setting the path to a beautiful future.

A prosperous, happy and love-filled civilisation is now closer than ever before!

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