The Dimension of Love (Volume III)


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Vladimir travels to the Siberian forest to see Anastasia again. Approaching the place, a local Siberian man recounts what happened when an uninvited scientific expedition intruded on Anastasia’s glade, and how they were forcefully repelled.

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Vladimir meets his son for the first time, and Anastasia proves the effectiveness of her child raising system—no system at all. The forest home demonstrates exactly how the elements of nature cradle a baby human and provide for our every need. She explains how a mother can pass information and good feelings when breast-feeding, and the power of human thought more broadly to shape a beautiful reality.

Vladimir travels to the Caucasian dolmens near the Black Sea in southern Russia, reigniting an interest in these ancient monuments among local people and tourists alike. He visits a nature-based forest school in the town of Tekos and talks with the children about Anastasia, the forces of light, and the good energy of stars. A film about the school at Tekos is available to watch online.

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