Родная партия helps plant trees in Sverdlovsk region

Родная партия of Sverdlovsk region took part in the “All-Russian Forest Planting Day” on 19 May. The day was organised by the regional government, the ONF, Forestry Department and others. Several hundred people gathered together and planted about 20,000 pine seedlings.

Aritsa Family Homestead Settlement, Saratov Region, Russia

We are settled. We live permanently on our native land, in the family homestead. We will be glad to meet the like-minded people who want to find land for their Family Homestead, next to us, in the village or in the surrounding territory. Call, write, we always welcome good people!

Family Homesteads: More housing. More jobs. More growth.

A family homestead is a small plot of land, at least one hectare, that includes a house and a garden, a comfortable place for raising a family and for retiring in old age. It is a person’s homeland on Earth, supporting good health, scientific innovation and social well-being. This report outlines the potential of family homesteads in Australia.

A Samokhin talks about 2018 elections and draft Law

Friends, once again I want to appeal to everyone – to stop any attempts to split the party. Today, on the eve of legislative initiatives and elections, this is one of our main tasks. Victory in the elections will be ours. Thank you for attention.

“Singing” fence on the homestead

Flowering plants and berries attract to the hedge the attention not only of birds, but also of neighbours, especially children, who can sniff flowers and blossoms as they run about, and treat themselves to the ripe fruits.

Cedar House hosts scientists from Europe

A short but very rich program seems to have exploded ordinary European ideas about good production methods. We presented ancient technologies, where the soul is important. Scientists from communities where everything is done by machinery have long wondered how this works.

Microclimate in the settlement

We create the microclimate ourselves. The most important thing is to see the meaning in all of this, to actually want to take steps to meet others, and to go ahead and begin. Only the one who walks will master the road!

Dreams tend to come true!

I portray all my dreams in detail, and I feel them. I feel that they are already close. It remains only to open the door and they will break into my life.

Circle of Settlements – report by A.B. Yezhov

From March 29 to April 1, another Circle of Family Homestead Settlements and the Extraordinary 7th Congress of Родная партия took place in Yaroslavl. The format was to have round tables on each of the agenda items, among which there were performances by amateur groups, individual authors, performers, and dances.

Starting to settle on our homestead

We planted lots of fruit trees, berry bushes (always a few more of those to finishing off planting), loosened several flower beds for flowers, made several permanent vegetable beds (we even had the first crops), and began to plant a hedge.

Circle of Settlements – report by Federal Coordinating Council

Representatives from 63 Family Homestead Settlements, from more than 50 regions of Russia gathered in Yaroslavl region. The desire for unity was the common thread in all speeches and thematic circles, and the discussions raised very important topics. The work was a basis for synchronising understanding of our entire movement’s strategic development, as a whole, and assembling the future image of our Homeland.

One day in summer – photo report

In this report, I want to show one day in the life of four children (I can be considered the fifth, because, spending time with them, I also fell into childhood). I met them in the field, rummaging in a haystack

Circle of Settlements – report by D. Orlov

The total number of participants was more than 220 people, and the hall could hardly accommodate everyone. We achieved our goal: delegates from forty-three regions conducted productive work, and formed the current priorities.

Hay, clay, and healthy lifestyle – the “village of the future”

Vladimir moved to Rosi about five years ago, the largest family homestead settlement in Belarus. Apart from him, there are twenty families who live here all year round. “I think one day every Belarusian village will look like this, and it’s great! Our settlement is probably the village of the future. It should serve as an example to others.”

Supporting family homestead producers

The idea of ​​the “Ringing Cedars” company is to unite goods made with love for nature, and businesses of Russian family homesteads. We support producers who live and create on Earth, reviving the traditions of our ancestors and creating their own. More and more, buyers appreciate the strength, quality and effect of such products.

Russian Cabinet Ministers support the “Law on Family Homesteads”

The Russian president, leader of the ONF, Vladimir Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, directed all responsible people towards the further development of agriculture and rural areas. The head of state noted “how important it is for a person, for each family to have his own house, his home”. 

The effects of Vladimir Megre’s books

The real world effects of Megre’s books are measurable, documented, and significant. Economic scientists recognise their potential. Tens of thousands of people have actively begun to shape their lives around the books, with positive results. Perhaps most remarkably of all, a federal law to allocate free land was passed in 2016, though Megre predicted it in 2001.

Family homestead settlements – 20 years on

The “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books are being published in 27 countries, with print runs in the millions, and they have been translated into 25 languages. People are continuing to read, dream, and bring their dreams to life.

Family Homesteads – booklet

… The day will come when all fathers understand that it is they who must answer for the world in which their children live. The day will come when each will understand that before bringing a beloved child into the world, the world must be made happy. You, too, must think about the world in which your offspring will live….

Family Homesteads of Russia

Presentation at the "Action Forum" of the ONF, December 2017

Anna Heiderbrecht – Dream Calling

Everyone searches for happiness. But they created it – for themselves and for us. Clean air and water for their children, fresh fruit, a garden and a forest. Their own piece of homeland, a dimension that heals and offers eternity. Forefathers are responsible for the world into which they bring children.

On the translation of Поместье

According to ЭСБЕ, a un​​iversal encyclopaedic diction​​ary, Поместье dates back to the Kiev period (9th – 13th century) and refers to land allocated by a sovereign, sometimes in mass allotments, for the use of free servants in return for past and future service.

Kristina Timakova. A little philosophy about the birth of children

When a woman is pregnant, the baby has it very good in the tummy. Mama loves the baby, it’s warm and cozy there. And I really wanted that when our child was born, that it wasn’t less good than than in this space. So that everything around him was already dear and familiar, and caressed and loved him just as much. I really wanted to give the child a Space of Love!

Family homesteads: the second birth of Earth

The family homestead, above all, should be a small homeland, a space of love for you and your children. In the family homestead, one must strive to create a single renewable ecosystem, in which everything will be harmoniously combined.

Blokhina Family Homestead. One hectare of untilled soil. Where to begin?

Do not rush to master all the land at once, start with a little bit, and then understanding will come. When you arrive at the site, try to feel with the soul, and you will understand how best to do. After all, we ourselves began to live in the homestead only on the 12th year of arranging it. Difficulties will be required, but it will be very healthy!

Galina Samokhina – the Transition

“Do what you must, and come what may.” We work and work in the chosen direction, and at some point you realize that this Transition is complete, and you are surrounded by a new, beautiful reality.

An example of creating Family Homesteads in an existing rural settlement

Over 10 years, we made an abandoned village into an attractive residence for those who want to create their Family Homesteads. We organized interaction between people in our collective, and the entrepreneurs who are creating their Family Homesteads in the settlement organized means of financing the projects.

Take care of our image

Family Homestead and “eco-settlement” are two totally different images which are not comparable with one another. Maybe we should treat more carefully this energy which has raised us to such a height and continues to raise us?

Briefing report on Family Homestead Settlements

This report introduces the concept of the family homestead, a one hectare allotment consisting of a dwelling, water source, mixed garden and forested area. Homesteads are small enough to tend by hand, large enough to feed a family, and are arranged together in settlements of 200 or more. The possibilities and limitations of family homesteads are discussed within the Australian context. 

Family Party candidate achieved second place in Saratov regional elections

“Such a powerful unity was demonstrated by the Family Party!” Kopenkina wrote in a post after the results were published. “For each who embodied these elections together with me – a deep bow and a kiss for everyone, I felt such powerful support and only that inspired me. The Family Party has loudly announced itself! We are strength! We will only move forward! We will bring your projects to life! We will be listened to!”

For a full range of news regarding Anastasia, the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” movement, and the creation of family homesteads worldwide, please also visit the news site of the Anastasia Foundation and the author’s website. For articles published only in Russian, all efforts have been made to provide an English translation here.

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