Family Party



​The Family Party is an organization to support the creation of family homesteads,

to restore the rites that preserve love in our families,

to provide a hectare of land to any citizen willing to create their own family homestead.

Family Homesteads are the most comprehensive idea for the positive development of Australia.​ The allocation of free land to willing Australians will prompt rapid expansion of new industries, providing significant long-term employment, while ​increasing both the quality and quantity of our valuable export commodities.

The unique advantage of our large, lowly populated landmass presents unparalleled opportunity for growth in the cultivation and manufacture of natural products for export. Done correctly, we can simultaneously improve and restore​ ​the natural environment. In the future, our thriving ecology will offer the world’s best tourist experiences, as well as providing valuable education and support to less developed countries.

Family Party members discuss plans for a family homestead settlement.

The first meeting of the Family Party was held at Wahroonga Park, Ku-ring-gai, New South Wales.

Photograph by Kemble Dawson Walker.

21 July 2017

Family Homesteads can produce goods for both the nourishment of their residents and for sale to markets further afield. Each Family Homestead is a self-sufficient entity, requiring no​ ​expensiv​e ​inputs. Instead, the Homestead creates value using sun, rain, seeds, soil, and the human ingenuity of its inhabitants.

A mixed garden of high-value products — honey and bee products, medicinal herbs, tree nuts, pressed oil, berry wine, woven fabric, rare and heirloom varieties — yields 100 times more value than an equivalent hectare of cattle pasture. Production on a family homestead is dense and varied, with different plants fruiting each month.

Marina Kopenkina

candidate for Family Party

Saratov, Russian Federation

“For me, the image of living in Family Homesteads address two main issues: health, strong families, and confidence in our future life.”



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Family Party News


The Family Party is based on the ideas of Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books, by V. N. Megre. Its purpose is:

  • to address the question of how each person can find their soul mate
  • to provide at least one hectare of land to each willing family to create their homestead
  • to return to the people the way of life and rites that is capable of preserving love in our families forever.


“Vladimir, you know, maybe it’s time for you and you Anastasia-ites to form your own family party.”

“A party? What kind?”

“That’s what I’m saying, that’s what you should call it – ‘The Family Party.’”

– Vol. 8.1, Chapter 12 “A Government for the People”

“The entity needs to resemble the Novgorod veche in its early period. And you’ll come to understand more later.” …

“The goal or objective of the ‘Family Party’ should be to create the conditions for bringing the energy of Love back into families. It’s essential to bring back the rites and holidays that are capable of helping people seek out their soul mates.” …

‘The Party will address the question of how each person can seek out his soul mate.’” …

“The Party will return to the people a way of life and rites that are capable of preserving love within families for all eternity.”

– Vol 8.2, Chapter 1 “Love is a Cosmic Entity”

“By law, voting is necessary.”

“If it’s necessary, then that means you vote for every person – not one person– to be able to control his life.” …

“You put all the contraptions you have today to use for good. All those communications links and computers. And registration? That’s laughable for a party of the people’s majority. You yourselves will have to become the registrars.” …

“The main thing is not to allow the creation of a so-called power center. If, according to your law, some central apparatus really is essential, then everyone who works in it should be nothing but hired workers. And not have any access to money. In general, you shouldn’t concentrate the money in one spot.” …

“I’ll also support it. And we’ll save up some money and hire ourselves an executive secretary. … I’ll support ‘The Family Party’ with all my heart from right here in the taiga. … And as for the fact that there will be only two of us – well, that’s the way all great things have always begun, with just one person, not masses of people. It’s later on, after years have passed, that the human community will laugh, but not at you, and it will be happy laughter.”

– Vol. 8.2, Chapter 8 “The Elders’ Mistake”