Circle of Settlements

Circle of Settlements – report by Federal Coordinating Council

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Representatives from 63 Family Homestead Settlements, from more than 50 regions of Russia gathered in Yaroslavl region. The desire for unity was the common thread in all speeches and thematic circles, and the discussions raised very important topics. The work was a basis for synchronising understanding of our entire movement’s strategic development, as a whole, and assembling the future image of our Homeland.

Family Homesteads

The effects of Vladimir Megre’s books

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The real world effects of Megre’s books are measurable, documented, and significant. Economic scientists recognise their potential. Tens of thousands of people have actively begun to shape their lives around the books, with positive results. Perhaps most remarkably of all, a federal law to allocate free land was passed in 2016, though Megre predicted it in 2001.