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Practice of Family Homesteads (2018)

I analysed 71 academic articles about family homesteads written between 2003 and 2018. Many articles drew parallels with the Western ...
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Cocreating Homeland — Vladimir Megre addresses his readers

I appeal to you, readers of my book series “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”! Mark my words! Your ardent souls ...
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Main ideas in the Ringing Cedars books, part 1

artwork by Kumar Alzhanov
Perfect the environment, perfect ourselves
The main idea of the Ringing Cedars books is to perfect ...
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Dolmen of Anastasia’s foremother (directions/map)

"My foremother deserves to be remembered. All my mothers knew her wisdom, and that wisdom helps me today. My foremother ...
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Soul Mates [mp3 download]

Great [C] battles did we overcome 'tween [Am] forces light and dark,
And [F] on our earthly bodies made brave [C] ...
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Родовое Поместье
Family Homestead

Звенящие кедры России
Ringing Cedars of Russia


На Земле быть добру!
On the Earth will be Good!

Vedruss Festival


June solstice and mid-September most years

Celebration and soul mate gatherings at one of the largest and oldest Family Homestead Settlements based on the Ringing Cedars books.


Last week of September each year

Traditional autumn festival at Dolmens of Zhane, Krasnodar region, Russian Federation.

Ringing Cedars – Australia is a network of family homestead creators and readers of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia”

About Family Homesteads

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International Forum

Anastasia Foundation

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Family Party

Family Party
Родная Партия

The goal or objective of the ‘Family Party’ is to create the conditions for bringing the energy of Love back into families.

The Party will address the question of how each person can seek out their soul mate.

The Party will return to the people a way of life and rites that are capable of preserving love within families for all eternity.

To participate in the creation of the Australian Family Party, please contact us.

Operation of the Family Party

The entity resembles the Novgorod veche in its early period.

We vote for every person – not one person– to be able to control their life.

We put all the contraptions we have today to use for good. All those communications links and computers.

We ourselves will have to become the registrars.

The main thing is not to allow the creation of a so-called power center.

If, according to our law, some central apparatus really is essential, then everyone who works in it is nothing but a hired worker. And they do not have any access to money. In general, we do not concentrate the money in one spot.

Each person can lead their own Family Party, so no one will use authority or position to put pressure on the party rank and file. And at the conventions, everyone is equal.

“From this day forward I also constitute my own family party.”
Why go on and on about it?
It’s time for each of us to take action.

Volume 10 “Anasta”, Chapter 27 “The Family Party”

Cocreating Homeland — Vladimir Megre addresses his readers

I appeal to you, readers of my book series “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”! Mark my words! Your ardent souls ...
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Family Party: Results of the 2018 municipal elections

A week ago a single voting day was held in all regions across the country. The 2018 election is over! ...
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Charter of Родная Партия, Family Party – Russia

Approved at the First Congress of the Party on 26 October 2012 with changes and additions adopted at the Third ...
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A Samokhin talks about 2018 elections and draft Law

By Alexander SAMOKHIN, Chairman of the Родная партия Federal Coordinating Council Good afternoon, members and supporters of Родная партия! In ...
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Circle of Settlements – report by A.B. Yezhov

By A.B. Yezhov Full Report of the delegate to the Circle of Settlements and the 7th Congress of Родная партия ...
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Circle of Settlements – report by Federal Coordinating Council

By the Federal Coordinating Council of Родная партия Good day, dear like-minded people! The latest event organized by Родная партия has ...
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Circle of Settlements – report by D. Orlov

Circle of Family Homestead settlements, Yaroslavl region, March 29 to April 1, 2018. By Dmitri ORLOV Hello dear friends of ...
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Family Party candidate achieved second place in Saratov regional elections

Kemble Dawson Walker 12 September 2017  Candidate for the Family Party, Marina Kopenkina, finished in second place in the parliamentary ...
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Family Party will run in Saratov regional elections

Friends, relatives and like-minded people, all readers of Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre's books "Ringing Cedars of Russia", congratulations to all of ...
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Marina Kopenkina of the Family Party for Saratov Regional Duma!

We need the support of the readers of the series "Ringing Cedars of Russia"! Kopenkina Marina Petrovna, a candidate for ...
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Ringing Cedars – Australia is an organisation of Australians who have read the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series by Vladimir Megre, and now wish to take action to help materialise the future described by Anastasia.

The organisation operates by veche principles and must perfect the environment. Our network operates a website ringingcedars.org.au, Facebook group fb.com/groups/ringingcedarsaustralia, and Facebook page fb.com/ringingcedarsaustralia

This is also an organising platform for the Family Party political party and should represent the party’s aims of preserving love in families and helping everyone find their soul mate.

To provide commentary or get involved, please contact us.

Have you read the right books?

A distorted translation of родовое поместье (family homestead, ancestral estate) was circulated in the 2000s in an attempt by dark forces to defame the Ringing Cedars movement: “kin domain”. Through this sham, English-language readers have been deprived of a full connection with the author or the source of the information. This website aims to restore the connection between the English readers and Russian Ringing Cedars and family homestead movements

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Authorised editions of the Ringing Cedars of Russia are listed at the author’s website

eBooks are for sale directly from Megre’s Ringing Cedars Company