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‘Family Homestead’ is a phrase backed by the most powerful images, capable of settling each person in a divine dwelling land. Judge for yourself. The first three letters of Родовое Поместье (Family Homestead) are “Род”. This means the people who come into life one after another, and the first of these came from the Creator.

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Each person born today takes their place at the head of this great chain. It is within each person's power to settle their “Род” in one dwelling land or another. In a stone cell? Or in the beautiful space of their Family Homestead. They can also break the family chain altogether. It is within each person's power either to nourish their Family line with divine creation, or else with food that doesn’t bear the energy of the Soul.


Tiny parts of all your ancestors live on within you. Both your body and your spirit come from them. Each person born anew is given the power to decide their own fate and the fate of their Family line. Family Homestead – two words. One word-combination. As soon as a person utters it, they give voice to an aspiration, even if they haven't realised it yet, except subconsciously: ‘I gather together my entire Family line and settle it here.’

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A person who has established their Family Homestead can gather together within it the souls of people from their Family line, and they will be grateful to them for this great deed. Like guardian angels, they will protect and guard the Family Homestead and the person who created it. Nothing in the Universe disappears without a trace; it only passes from one state into another.

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A Family Homestead is a block of land at least 1 hectare in size (2.5 acres, 10,000 m2), surrounded on all sides by a passable laneway of at least 3m. Family Homesteads are mixed use residential, forestry, and agriculture, and are bordered by hedgerows rather than fences. The homestead is free of charge, indivisible, and can only be passed on by inheritance (not bought or sold). There is no taxation on any products of the homestead.

A Family Homestead Settlement is a group of family homesteads centred around common infrastructure such as a school, shop, medical centre, village hall, market square, water source (dam, bore, river), grazing or cropping paddocks, electricity substation, or other assets. Settlements have roads to allow vehicle access to each homestead.

Homestead: • house • workshop • vegetable garden • orchard • ½ – ¾ forest • hedgerow boundaries

Settlement: • around 100-200 homesteads • shared infrastructure • road network • community council with all equal and no centre of power

Family Homesteads are the central concept of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre (written 1995-2010). The Anastasia Foundation reports 390 Family Homestead Settlements in Russia, and 136 outside Russia. In Russia the concept has been studied at universities and is supported at state and federal levels. There is also a political party to advance family homestead development.

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1. Anastasia

Written in 1995 by Novosibirsk businessman Vladimir Megre, the story traces his voyage as captain of a trading vessel on the Siberian river Ob. During a stop at a remote village, Megre meets an unusually beautiful and civilised young woman who promises to show him a rare and valuable tree—the Ringing Cedar. But Anastasia teaches Vladimir about much more than that. She gives practical advice and humbling lessons about love, relationships, raising children, gardening, animals, and transitioning to a stable, prosperous global civilisation.

First published with an advance from a print shop and sold by the author himself in a Moscow subway station, the book has now been translated into 20 languages and sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. Anastasia’s ideas have been enthusiastically taken up among everyday Russians, including politicians, professionals and university professors.

“Anastasia” is a guide to retrieving our soul’s purpose, and the book setting the path to a beautiful future. A prosperous, happy and love-filled civilisation is now closer than ever before!

2. Ringing Cedars of Russia

Vladimir returns to Novosibirsk and goes to the gritty streets of Moscow, struggling to understand and communicate his experience with Anastasia in the forest. Pulling his life back from the brink of collapse, Megre gets help at just the right time, ensuring that Anastasia’s message is accurately recorded.

Recounting more of his three days with Anastasia, Megre suggests an all-Earth holiday on 23 July, Dachnik Day, which is now celebrated in parts of Russia. He recalls the Christian invasion of Celtic Europe, and reveals the ancient method of preparing medicinal cedar oil.

Anastasia’s grandfather explains how Anastasia healed Vladimir with cedar oil, during his earlier illness. Grandfather explains the appearance of a ball of light energy next to Anastasia when she was a young girl—the ball of energy she calls “Good”. He cites a poet whose songs seem to confirm what others had suspected: the energy is an appearance of the intellect of nature, or the Creator.

3. The Space of Love

The book ends with an appeal to Russians to respect and honour their own local sacred sites rather than travelling to see foreign ones, an idea which could apply equally in every country of the world.

Vladimir returns to Anastasia’s taiga glade for a second time, and meets his son. Anastasia proves the effectiveness of her child raising system—no system at all. The forest home demonstrates exactly how carefully arranged elements of nature can cradle a baby human and provide for their every need. Even a bear as a nanny! She explains how a mother can pass information and good feelings when breast-feeding, and the power of human thought to shape a beautiful reality.

Vladimir travels to the Caucasian dolmens near the Black Sea in southern Russia, reigniting an interest in these ancient monuments among local people and tourists alike. He visits a nature-based forest school in the town of Tekos and talks with the children about Anastasia, the forces of light, and the good energy of stars. A film about the school at Tekos is available to watch online.

4. Co-Creation

Anastasia portrays the creation of the Universe, the Earth and all of nature. The beautiful images of love, the Creator and the pristine cosmos offer a divine vision without any religion, where every person has direct access to the rhythm of the universe and its energy of life. This is the book to reawaken the infinite, eternal energy of creative dreams.

Recounting a story from ancient Egypt, Anastasia describes how her forefathers observed the degeneration of the human population and inserted imagery to ensure the completion of a harmonic planetary society in the present day. She dismisses the threat of alien invasion.

Anastasia reasserts human sovereignty over the Earth through the fundamental family unit, a natural home made of living creations: the Family Homestead. Together, she and Vladimir create a home in their thoughts, complete with a living fence, forest, gardens, comfortable shelter and a large variety of useful plants and animals, thereby initiating a way of life that is at once very ancient and entirely modern, accessible to every person on the planet.

The Family Homestead preserves love between parents and children, connects us to the Earth and nature, and guarantees the flourishing of a new civilisation, a planetary dimension of love that radiates good light throughout the universe. There are currently 526 settlements of Family Homesteads registered with the non-profit “Anastasia” fund for culture and creative support.

5. Who Are We?

Anastasia portrays stunning imagery of future Russia as the wealthiest and most powerful nation state, an example to others. Hundreds of millions of tourists flock to Moscow to witness the clean air, pristine river water, and experience the spirit of great creation in the Russian homelands.

Megre highlights critical shortcomings in the eco-village movement and confirms Anastasia’s predictions about the eternal nature of Family Homesteads with real examples in modern Russia.

Anastasia explains how military force will be neutralised by the children of Russia’s new settlements, and offers glimpses of the burgeoning new civilisation. So beautiful and enlightened are these new Russian communities that foreigners are kept at a safe distance lest they fall into depression at the realisation of their wasted technocratic lives.

Megre discusses proposals for making Anastasia’s vision a reality and outlines the process already undertaken by numerous groups in Russia for establishing Family Homestead Settlements.

6. The Family Book

Megre makes his third trip to the Siberian taiga and talks with his growing son. The young boy tells his father that the ninth book of the series shall be an eternal, living book—the paradise homesteads created by the people whose souls have touched the divine. He explains his unique perspective on love, and helps expand the growing love between his parents. His purpose in life? To find his Universe Girl and make her happy. According to Volodya, every girl has the Universe inside of her.

Anastasia tells the story of humanity, billions of years of human civilisation on Earth. Through stories of our Vedic ancestors, she illustrates the blissful life of the golden ages and describes the rituals of nature that ensure the eternal presence of love in our communities. The Vedian school, made up of natural, living creations and interactions, prepares a young couple for the ultimate test: to create the perfect homestead for their family.

Anastasia explains why dark forces attack the Ringing Cedars books, and reveals the tactics of the high priests of the planet Earth, including her late great-grandfather, which have kept humanity inside a field of artificial information, separate from nature. She asserts that people who create Family Homesteads will correct the situation, letting a beautiful new society of nature prevail.

7. The Energy of Life

With the aid of Anastasia’s ideas, Megre illustrates the power of human thought to shape our collective destiny and offers practical techniques from Anastasia’s grandfather for optimising our mental capacity. The priests of the Earth realise that nothing can stop Anastasia’s visions from becoming a reality as she reveals the secret of divine nourishment to the general public.

Anastasia tells the censored history of the Christian invasion of Russia, presenting unique information about our forebears’ pagan civilisation that is not widely available elsewhere. She portrays the vivid celebrations of the Vedic-age Rus and explains how they were conquered by the priests’ dark ideas, tracing the modern age to the origins of Judaism and Christianity, and proposing a peaceful way to neutralise harmful programs and return prosperity to the Earth.

Megre shows how Family Homesteads can repair life for orphans and convicts, and instil new consciousness in the population. The new path of development provides our leaders with a place to make informed, rational decisions for the benefit of society.

8 part 1. The New Civilization

Vladimir visits Anastasia for a fourth time, and outlines yet more practical measures for living closer to the nature that surrounds us, to improve our health, have more joy and more love. Their young son asks his father for a baby sister to take care of his animals once he becomes an adult, and executes a three-day healing regime to bring his father to optimal health before the birth. He demonstrates the power of natural herbs, exercise and living water.

Anastasia relates the origins of democracy and money as means of enslavement through the illusion of freedom, and creates the conditions for the transformation of the United States. In the future, a New York billionaire is touched by the energy of love, and devotes his resources to found a great precinct of Family Homestead settlements in Texas.

Vladimir writes a letter to the president of Russia, prints a letter from a German reader, and drafts a piece of legislation requiring each parliamentarian to live among the people in Family Homestead settlements. The law also provides land to young couples to make their own Family Homesteads, an idea which has since become a reality. A federal Russian law now guarantees a free plot of land for any Russian citizen or naturalised foreigner, starting with vacant land in the Far East regions.

8 part 2. Rites of Love

Vladimir portrays the sad lack of love in modern relationships compared with our Vedic-age forebears. Together with Anastasia and her grandfather, he investigates the nature of love and how to ensure its eternal presence in our families.

Evidence from Russia’s archaeological sites emerges to support Anastasia’s version of history, suggesting that primitive cave men were survivors of global catastrophes, and that the historical norm over the millennia is in fact the recurrent blossoming of human population, civilisations striving for permanent harmony with nature—a goal we are destined this time to complete.

Anastasia recounts the story of a young girl in ancient Russia who falls in love with a boy. Treated as a revered guest in the family, the great energy of love propels the girl to astronomical beauty and virtue, reinforcing the natural law that true love can’t help but find its response.

Through the history of one family, Anastasia outlines the ancient Rites of Love—courtship, marriage and raising of children, as well as the three planes of conception which should all take place on the Family Homestead, the alignment of thought, the material creation, and the birth into a dimension of love, as well as the rituals for successfully forming a family after having had other partners. In the future, the ancient lovers are reincarnated on Earth, to meet amid the beauty and enthusiasm of a Russian courtship gathering.

10. Anasta

Vladimir visits Anastasia for a fifth time, meeting his baby daughter in the resplendent beauty of her perfect natural environment. Anastasia recounts the story of the little girl’s previous life, in a Russian nation at the beginning of the last ice age. As the people flee the encroaching ice, the little girl turns from her family, preferring to die with her homeland than abandon it.

Anastasia is able to sense the visions of Good and Bad that appear to the youngster in the last days before she falls into her final sleep, revealing how both energies work for the ultimate perfection of our habitat, and how we might most beneficially relate to them. Then, Anastasia reveals the purpose of life: to Perfect the Dwelling Land.

Megre portrays the lunacy of modern life and writes a Family Homestead declaration inscribing his intentions to perfect a small piece of our great Earth, encouraging us to do the same. Anastasia disposes of the 2012 doomsday prophecies by announcing that she has cancelled the predicted hell, and also encourages us to follow suit.

Young Volodya helps his father solve the problem of soggy clay soil at his homestead, and in doing so invents an original technique to teleport a complete piece of the environment to a new planet, thereby ensuring the eternal blossoming of earthly creation, spreading in love through the cosmos to infinity.

The following message appears at the end of the authorised edition of the books:


Several Internet websites now share ideas that are very similar to those of the main character, Anastasia, in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series.

Many of these websites purport to be official and use the name “Vladimir Megre”. They even answer letters in my name. In this regard, I feel it is my duty to inform you, dear readers, of my decision to create an official international website, www.vmegre.com/en/

By registering at and subscribing to this website you will be eligible to receive information on the dates and locations of upcoming reader conferences, as well as other information.

Our unified website will keep you, dear readers, informed about the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement throughout the world.

Yours truly,

Vladimir Megre

Have you read the right books?

A distorted translation of родовое поместье (family homestead, ancestral estate) was circulated in the 2000s in an attempt to confuse readers and defame the Ringing Cedars movement: “kin domain”. Read more

The inaccurate translation has deprived English-language readers of a full connection with the books’ information. Read more

This website aims to develop an integral network between English-language readers and worldwide Ringing Cedars and family homestead movements based in Russia.

Родовое Поместье
Family Homestead

Звенящие кедры России
Ringing Cedars of Russia


На Земле быть добру!
On the Earth will be Good!

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Family Party

Family Party
Родная Партия

The goal or objective of the ‘Family Party’ is to create the conditions for bringing the energy of Love back into families.

The Party will address the question of how each person can seek out their soul mate.

The Party will return to the people a way of life and rites that are capable of preserving love within families for all eternity.

To participate in the creation of the Australian Family Party, please contact us.

Operation of the Family Party

The entity resembles the Novgorod veche in its early period.

We vote for every person – not one person– to be able to control their life.

We put all the contraptions we have today to use for good. All those communications links and computers.

We ourselves will have to become the registrars.

The main thing is not to allow the creation of a so-called power center.

If, according to our law, some central apparatus really is essential, then everyone who works in it is nothing but a hired worker. And they do not have any access to money. In general, we do not concentrate the money in one spot.

Each person can lead their own Family Party, so no one will use authority or position to put pressure on the party rank and file. And at the conventions, everyone is equal.

“From this day forward I also constitute my own family party.”
Why go on and on about it?
It’s time for each of us to take action.

Volume 10 “Anasta”, Chapter 27 “The Family Party”

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Ringing Cedars – Australia is an organisation of Australians who have read the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series by Vladimir Megre, and now wish to take action to help materialise the future described by Anastasia.

The organisation operates by veche principles and must perfect the environment. Our network operates a website ringingcedars.org.au, Facebook group fb.com/groups/ringingcedarsaustralia, and Facebook page fb.com/ringingcedarsaustralia

This is also an organising platform for the Family Party political party and should represent the party’s aims of preserving love in families and helping everyone find their soul mate.

To provide commentary or get involved, please contact us.


Ringing Cedars – Australia readers group

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    Vedruss Festival


    June solstice and mid-September most years

    Celebration and soul mate gatherings at one of the largest and oldest Family Homestead Settlements based on the Ringing Cedars books.


    Last week of September each year

    Traditional autumn festival at Dolmens of Zhane, Krasnodar region, Russian Federation.

    Have you read the right books?

    A distorted translation of родовое поместье (family homestead, ancestral estate) was circulated in the 2000s in an attempt by dark forces to defame the Ringing Cedars movement: “kin domain”. Through this sham, English-language readers have been deprived of a full connection with the author or the source of the information. This website aims to restore the connection between the English readers and Russian Ringing Cedars and family homestead movements

    Read more about the authorised editions

    Read more about translating родовое поместье

    Authorised editions of the Ringing Cedars of Russia are listed at the author’s website

    eBooks are for sale directly from Megre’s Ringing Cedars Company